DS 115
The DriveSpin® DS electric rotary actuators, as the basic type of actuators, provide rotary motion and the transfer of output torque with a high radial-axial load capacity and are the most accurate and precise solution in their category. The DS actuators are characterized by high dynamics, highly flexible drive solution, guaranteed by an AC servomotor, and high robustness and overload capacity of their reduction gears. The voltage and feedback variability will satisfy customer requirements of top performances as torque, stiffness and precision. Actuators are optimized for use with the application inverter or the multi-axis servo inverter in combination with the controller. Rated output torque is from 18 Nm to 268 Nm.

Technical parameters

Parameter DS 115
Reduction ratio
55, 103
Rated output torque
Tr [Nm]
Acceleration/braking output torque
Tmax [Nm]
Rated input speed
nr [rpm]
2 000
* for more information see DriveSpin® catalog