About Us

SPINEA Technologies s.r.o. is a young technological company involved in the continual development of innovative ideas and their subsequent application. SPINEA Technologies s.r.o. started in 2013 with the goal is to bring unique products and technologies to the commercial market.

SPINEA Technologies s.r.o., operates as a full-service provider in customer development and production of high-precision mechatronic positioning units and nodes. We provide complete services in the development phase of the product, including: 

  • design concepts, 
  • 3D version of the product design documentation,  
  • prototype testing,  
  • simulation, analysis, and optimization of the product design,  
  • production, testing, and modification of the prototypes,  
  • final construction documentation.

Company vision: 

SPINEA Technologies s.r.o. strive to be: 

  • quality Central Europe manufacturer and supplier of high-precision actuators and drive units.  
  • Become the best choice for our business partners.  
  • Bring quality and reliable products to which business partners are happy to return.  
  • Provide professional services with a focus on the customer.  
  • To create a vibrant and attractive working environment for the team of our great professionals.   


Company activities:  

  1. Industrial Research and Development  
    • Electric rotary actuators and transmission mechanisms
    • Measuring and diagnostic equipment
    • AGV drive wheels
    • Customer product development (minor modifications of the existing product portfolio in terms of customer needs up to the actual product development for a specific customer application in terms of assignment)
  2. Experimental Research and Development
    • APVV: Research of mechatronic nodes (MU) with high demands on accuracy (2017-2020)  
    • OPVaI: Cycloid mechatronic system (2020-2023)
  3. Innovation 
    • Product innovation
    • Process innovation
    • Organizational innovation
  4. Production
    • Manufacture of electric rotary actuators and transmission mechanisms
    • Measuring and diagnostic equipment
    • AGV drive wheels
    • Measurement and testing during the production process
  5. Provision of services
    • Technical support, assistance, and consulting in person and remotely 
    • Ensuring the development of a new product in its entirety
    • Processing of product design documentation
    • Development of project plans and cooperation in ensuring functional and life tests of the product