DriveSpin® Hollowshaft
The DriveSpin® DSH electric actuators are characterized by the short axial length and by the possibility to use a through hole for routing cables, pipes, and drive shafts. Fully sealed compact actuators equipped with zero-backlash reduction gears have high power density, large hole inner diameter, from 8 to 40mm. Excellent positioning accuracy and positioning repeatability. DSH maintaining radial-axial and torque load capacity and are characteristic with high overload capacity of reduction gear and of AC servomotor, featuring high dynamics. The voltage and feedback variability will widely satisfy all of customers’ requirements. This allows even demanding tasks such as exact positioning or fast movement of heavy loads to be performed with a high degree of repetitive accuracy. Rated output torque is from 18 Nm to 260 Nm.


Größen DriveSpin® Hollowshaft